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How to Find IP Address on Mac

A computer is a communication device but in order to receive and send messages it must be connected to an IP address, which is the unique number it is assigned every time it connects to the internet. It is advisable you be wary with your IP address since it is the key to being hacked or located through geolocation data. In case you want to change your software or change IP address, you will have to find it on Mac. The following are some few steps for finding your IP address on Mac.

Before finding your Mac IP address, proper comprehension of the differences between internal and external IP addresses is compulsory. Besides external and internal IP address, there are also Mac IP addresses and IP addresses, whose difference you must also comprehend. When you are looking to change IP address on Mac to protect your network, you should be focused on the IP address rather than Mac because it is your former that is at a higher risk of being hacked.

The method you use to find your external IP address on Mac will be dependent on how you are connected; whether you are connected via a router or directly to the modem. In case you are connected via a router, you can try different options to help find your email address including searching on the internet. However, if you are connected directly to a modem, you will use a totally different approach that entails choosing networks.

Finding an internal IP address is exactly the same process as finding an external IP address if you are connected via an Ethernet cable; you use the network section on your system. It is also possible to find your local IP address using terminal on Mac if you are wirelessly connected to the internet. All the different IP addresses assigned to your devices come together to form a single external IP address.

In the case you need a reliable way to hide your IP address when on the internet, you should consider using virtual private network so your IP address can be replaced by one from the provider. In case you are incurring challenges with your network, checking on its health is always a good idea even if you are using virtual private network. Use the tips highlighted to help you find your IP address on Mac in seconds.
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