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All About Building A Cellular Network

Almost every adult has a cell phone which has a subscription to a network, and they pay a certain amount on phone bills. The bills from the cellular network are usually high and as a result people are pushing for change. As a result of the unfavorable bills from the cellular network providers, one can decide to build their own cellular network by considering some of the factors. Radio broadcaster is very important as one cant afford a cellular tower to facilitate the reception of the signal. Beside the antennas that will boost the radio frequency when they are weak, the only expensive component that one will buy is the radio broadcaster only.

One can use their network when they are further away only when the antenna used to boost the radio frequency is of higher quality thus increasing the radius of the network. The cellular tower can be capable of providing some data services and one can connect to the outside world when their radio broadcaster has a strong internet connection. Another main factor about having ones own cellular network is having a reprogrammable SIM card and this is normally a challenge as the technology used is normally outdated.

In order to generate SIM cards that is in line with the radio broadcaster, one need to get some reprogrammable SIM cards and a SIM card writer that he will use to change the SIM cards IDs and assign them some new numbers. The custom made cellular tower need some hardware programmed to its specifications in order to work effectively therefore the various hardware including the SIM cards need to be reprogrammed to fit the specifications of the custom made cellular tower. Maintaining the database of the cellular tower, conducting the phone switching functions is very important alongside some other functions, and this is done by some specific software that one will need to download and install them on any PC.

It does not matter how expensive the cellular tower might seem to provide one has their own rules and it is not that expensive to use, one would not mind building their own cellular tower and have their freedom. Another advantage of having ones own cellular tower is one can communicate with anyone around the network radius for free and therefore they can increase their radius and accommodate most people and DAS system installation can be of great help. In the event of a disaster strike or a cellular overload, one can avoid the problems by building their own cellular tower and be free from the various disadvantages. Those areas with poor infrastructure or that have been stricken by disaster can get help from the pop-up cellular tower build by anyone who has the necessary skills and tools