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Those Different Types of Car Accidents Which are More Dangerous

Car accidents have become so popular due to the number of many lives claimed by these different dangerous car types of accidents. Due to the carelessness of different many drivers, there has been a rise of many accidents caused by cars which are claiming more lives.

The other factors which are facilitating the increased number of car accidents are the poor roads which result in vehicles losing direction and ending up striking other vehicles. Through the driving situations on the roads, there can be different car accidents which may result in horrible injuries which many people are not aware.

These bad weather conditions such as heavy rains can damage the roads or even they can cause mist which the results are normally dangerous accidents. The best thing about this article is that it has described in details the different types of dangerous car accidents that are resulting to horrible injuries or even claim lives.

The first type of the car accidents that you should know is the head-on collation which is very dangerous type of car accidents.

This type of the car accident is the one that a car can crush down into an object after coming into contact with another vehicle. The worst thing about this type of car accident is that it can claim all lives that are on those two cars. Another type of the head-on collision is the one that cars strikes the other vehicle on either the front or the sides.

The striking a vehicle type of car accident is where the accidents happen due to the driving situations where a vehicle ends up hitting a pole. The striking of the vehicle type of car accident is the one that the vehicles strikes each other despite their slightly space between them.

This type of the car type accident is more dangerous because when the vehicle strikes the pole can lead to loss of many lives. The other type of car accidents is the one that known as side collision which is also dangerous type of car accidents.

The reason as to why the car are manufactured with the bumper is that when the car that hits the other on the side it will be fine but the one that has been strikes gets damaged either on the door.

The other most dangerous type of car accident is the drunk driving which involves the two vehicle drivers driving the vehicle while they are drunk. This type of accident is well known by people because the driving situations is always catastrophic causing horrible injuries.